Edward D. Longhurst

Pianist, Accompanist, Répétiteur, Musical Director and Conductor.

I am an Oxford & London based Classical and Jazz Pianist who has been playing for over 35 years.


I am an adept and sensitive accompanist with a real love for shared music making. Starting as a teenager accompanying all my friends, I have performed with singers and instrumentalists in recitals, concert parties, competitions, festivals and exams.


I am an accomplished jazz pianist and improvisor and have performed solo, duetting with singers, as well as playing with small groups and big bands.

Musical Direction

I have been musical director and conductor for musicals such as Chess, operetta such as Orpheus in the Underworld and many G&S works including Iolanthe, Princess Ida, Utopia Ltd, and played for many more such as the Mikado, Pinafore, Yeoman of the Guard, Trial by Jury, Annie Get Your Gun, 42nd Street, West Side Story, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum &c.

“Edward Longhurst plays gracefully and adeptly, making intricate arrangements flow like water from his grand piano. Right at the end, after an evening spent simply waggling his eyebrows to communicate, he suddenly burst into song, singing It's You I Like to a surprised and pleased audience. He sings very well indeed...”

Oxford DailyInfo

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